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Down Shift

We as people have had so many challenges in our modern lives. One of the biggest that I personally have come across, is so called lack of time. Sometimes it feels necessary to slow down alittle and just have a thought about what is basically matter of time. Yes, we know that we all have 24 hours a day and we should have a deasant sleep and rest to feel okay and stay healthy. I personally believe that it is a matter how one uses hers or his time in general, after all… That makes our well being or, not so well being… As easy it is to say that all, it feels tricky to build a new routines that will support our health. The question is where to start?

There are some research that scientists have found out that nature itself have amazing skills to support our well being. This is something that I have noticed as a professional guide but most of all as a human as well. 

Only looking the pictures that are taken from nature, will lower blood pressure, calm heart beat and lower experience of stress lewel. All of those matters have a massive influence in our lives, like quality of sleep, weight control and many others… So, imagine what can do a simple walk in the woods, even a once in a week? 

So, what I have done and suggest my friends and customers, is that where and when ever you can find something green and live, try to give that spot a moment. Even 20 minutes slowly walking or sitting in nature, will help your mind and body in amazingly way. Not necessarily in highways green area, but you all know what I mean… 

I believe that it is nice to start with small steps as a baby will do when we are learning new and healthy routines. You can start to think nature as often you have a good chance to do so. Start to focus on nature pictures when they might be near – and by the way, did you know that just green colour have a positive influence on you? Perhaps you can walk some part of the way to your work or school, and try to find and focus the nature, as they might be a part of your own daily environment. Even if you are in subway etc. try to catch the pictures/colours of nature for example. This is good for your health and it can be very fun as well. It is nice to feel nice and have some fun on the way…

If I am going to walk with my talks, lets take and have a nice and calm walk to the woods… I am so fortune to have all that beauty in just a step away. Smell of fresh air and all those green colours will amaze me every time when I looked them. Greatfulness is a good feeling as well Be well my friends and walk in beauty…