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In shell nut, the history of the wilderness host as a place begins around 1930, when first buildings and residents showed up at this area. You can still see the first main building and wooden shed as they stood on the yard. Those first people were farmers and they herd sheep and made small farming to their living. Part of everyday life was also hunting and gathering, when they tried to stay a live in this rugged land. Those were the old times and things have changed a lot since then.

Janne as wilderness guide trainer for now 10 years and as a professional guide for 20 years, has had the vision of hosting people in nature since he was a young boy. He bought this particularly place in 2015 and step by step started to build it up for peoples need. The ex owner has had also same kind of ideas to have people to come, but unfortuned turn in his personal life makes it impossible to him. 

Need to share the nature and all the information and understanding about it, has been the driven force during all these years, Janne has said. Best what you can get is to share as much as you can…

When we take a look to bigger picture, probably the first actual people in the whole area has been here right after the ice age, when the ice was starting to melt and land was shoved up under it. After that many hunters and gathers has walked through the area during their trips and even the vikings have had their influence in the area. Not so far, perhaps just a few kilometers away, there are ancient sacred places, where people had gather together and honored the nature, community, personal power and all the living things in the universe. It was obvious that those people with strong connection to their environment an life giving forces, also understood the power of opposite. All that grows and lives, must go back someday to the big cycle of life and creation. Through that philosophy people saw that all is alive and nothing really cant die. To us modern humans these ideas sometimes sounds very distance and strange, but you can feel their ancient whisper if you have ears to hear and eyes to see…

is to create an home kind of environment, where you and your love ones can safely enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of surrounding nature. Professional and experienced guide will help you to get closer of this pure nature and its secrets.